Machine Quilting Services

On my 12-foot longarm machine frame I am able to complete a quilt with a maximum width of 116 inches, the quilt length is not restricted. All quilting is done in a smoke and pet free studio.

My pricing is based on square inches.  To determine the square inches of your quilt top, multiply the length x width.  If your quilt top is 80” x 90”, the total square inches are 7200” (80×90=7200 square inches).  Multiply that by the price per square inch to get the total price for quilting.


I offer computer-guided machine quilting:

Edge-to-Edge quilting (E2E)  (Pantograph designs) – Edge to edge designs start at one edge and continue to the other side of the quilt regardless of blocks, seams or piecing and use one color of thread. This level of quilting adds wonderful texture to the surface of the quilt. These digital patterns with an all-over design are computer guided and can be sized to accommodate the desired quilting density. E2E quilting includes basic meander, feathers, spirals, squares, ribbons, flowers, vines, oak leaves, holly leaves. . . there are over 100 designs to choose from. At the intake appointment we will look over the pattern choices and you will choose which pattern will be quilted on your quilt top. Pricing is $.02 to $.03 per square inch depending on the density of the stitched design.

Additional Services Include

Binding Application

Machine/Hand -binding stitched on to the front of the quilt with customer’s prepared binding, and hand-stitched to the back side of the quilt. Pricing is $0.30 per linear inch of quilt binding.

Machine– binding top stitched on to the front and backof the quilt with the customer’s prepared binding . Pricing is $0.20 per linear inch of quilt binding.

Machine Binding– machine stitch your prepared binding to the front of the quilt for you to finish with hand stitches. Pricing $0.18

Machine Basting – This service is for quilters who wish to have the quilt top, batting and quilt back layered and secured for them but wish to do the quilting themselves. Machine basting can be done for hand quilters or for those who would like to quilt their top using their own sewing machine. The quilt top, back and batting will be secured with rows of stitches 4″ to 6″ apart.  Pricing is $.007 per square inch.



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